Teng-Ko Weng

Founder & Chairman

Teng-Ko Weng has over 40 years of teaching experience underneath him, and has won countless awards and accolades over his illustrious career. Teng-Ko is part of the Burnaby Art Council and is a Senior Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (SFCA), of which there are only 90 titled recipients throughout Canada. He is regularly invited to judge prominent international competitions in addition to performing Jury duty in exhibitions across Canada. 


Teng-Ko’s story starts back in 1979, where he studied at the Fu Sing Trade School in Taiwan graduating with a Diploma in Fine Arts. When he was 20, Teng-Ko fell ill to meningitis, and lost a part of his hearing and was at death’s door. Teng-Ko owes his miraculous recovery to his Christian faith. His incredible life experiences and extensive learning process has laid a profound foundation for his art career.


Since immigrating to Canada in 1995, Teng-Ko has built up a solid reputation for his teaching through the Teng-Ko Weng Art Studio, where he has trained hundreds of  outstanding young artists and professional art students, many of which have attended the world's top art and design schools.


Weng’s work has been met with critical acclaim and has published numerous albums of his paintings, and has authored an autobiography that has been well-received throughout Asia. His works are frequently on display in art galleries and museums throughout the world. A few notable exhibitions would be at The Second Annual Christian Arts Festival in Los Angeles, the Pang Pik Gallery (Taiwan), Hao Lai Art Center (Taiwan), Shadbolt Center (Canada), Langley Centennial Museum (Canada), and the Deer Lake Gallery (Canada).