Portfolio Preparation


Our Portfolio Preparation class supports students in developing their skills to prepare high quality artwork for post-secondary admission. We have helped many students get into some of the best art schools around the world. 


Our program is designed to encourage students to think critically, conceptually and creatively in developing their artwork. We support students to gain confidence in questioning, thinking, and researching through the process of art-making. 


Course Overview:
Specialized lesson plans tailored to each individual artist, in accordance to the specific needs of portfolio
requirements of the target post-secondary schools of their choice.

Portfolios will span a wide range of genres, styles, and mediums including: 3D artwork, illustration, sketching, 2D artwork, and much more.

Teaching Features:
Our instructors place an importance on fostering inspiration and creativity in their lesson plans, allowing
students the freedom to express their ideas in communication and on canvas. Emphasis is placed on learning tangible skills and techniques. Teaching plans are matched to each individual’s skill level.


Schools that have accepted our students: