Come learn with us at the comfort of your own home. All classes are available online through Zoom. 

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For students grade 8 or above; professional guidance is offered through the creation of university-level application portfolios.

For those interested in competitions and personalized arts tutoring.

For those over 10 years old; those aspiring to pursue the creative arts.

For kids age 6-9 interested in developing creative drawing and self expression skills.

Artistic creation is an expression of life within oneself – it describes and praises the amazing and great love of God who created the universe and all the living things.

– Teng-Ko Weng

Vancouver Studio

306-5970 East Boulevard

Vancouver, BC, V6M 3V4

Burnaby Studio

9985 David Drive

Burnaby, BC, V3J 1H4

Tel: 604-961-9933 | 778-855-3928

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