Luke Weng

Executive Director

Luke Weng, a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA), is the youngest gallery artist for the International Arts Gallery (IAG) and has been a rising star in the art community. 


In 2003, while he was still in elementary school, Luke was awarded a supreme gold medal from the Pentel International Art Competition hosted by Japan which was the beginning of his impressive achievements. Over the years Luke has won many medals from various painting competitions and regularly has his artwork displayed at local exhibitions. In recent news, Luke took home multiple awards, including one gold, from the 2019 Vancouver Arts Carnival competition. 


When Luke was in highschool, he was diagnosed with a brain tumour, and was hospitalized for many months. He underwent surgery, and countless radiation and chemotherapy treatments which left lasting side-effects to this day. Luke was at death’s door multiple times but credits his miraculous recovery to his Christian Faith. 


Luke regularly contributes and volunteers for charitable organizations locally, and is found consistently displaying his artwork for organizations like the BC Cancer Society and the Canadian Cancer Society Daffodil Dash. Luke is also a gifted musician, having won several gold medals in many piano competitions, and is a drummer for a few pick-up bands with gigs across town.