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Esther Weng

MFA, University of Oregon

BFA, San Francisco of Art Institute 

From a young age, Esther has been steeped in a creative environment surrounded by family members in the fields of fine arts and music. Her interests led her to pursue formal training in studio art, where she focused on painting, film, sculpture, and video installations. Inspired by the art teachers who have made significant impacts along her creative journey, Esther took a keen interest in art education, gaining teaching experience from non-profit and community-based organizations to university classes.


In recent years, Esther has combined her skills and passion to focus on museum work, which she believes has immense potential to bring people together and engage them in dialogue and collaboration surrounding the most pressing issues of our time through a common language found in art.


Esther received her BFA from the San Francisco of Art Institute and her MFA and Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies from the University of Oregon.